Grenadines / St.Vincent

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Boarding expected in the Bay of Young Island at St.Vincent that is about five minutes of taxi from the airport.
We will spend the night in this beautiful bay and the next day we will set out for Bequia.


When you will arrive to Bequia, you will delve into the authentic Caribbean atmosphere. While the crew will take care of customs tax for entry to the Grenadines, you will go ashore with a Pick Up and organize a nice visit, or enjoy a dip in the Bay of princess Margaret.


We will go to Mustique for a swim in the island that is chosen by the English Royal family and rock stars like Mick Jagger for their vacation.
After lunch we will set sail again to Tobago Cays, a coral atoll with clear waters where you can snorkeling and sunbathing. In the evening we will eat lobster on the beach, thanks to the local Rastas.


After swimming and snorkeling, we will go to Union Island. We will anchor in Clifton, a natural harbor surrounded by reef with a very characteristic village loved by kite surfers. Here, we will stop or go nearby Chatham Bay, a quite and fascinating place.


We will sail to Petit Saint Vincent and on the way we will find the small island of Morpion. Here you will go down for a swim on a very little island. Then, we will anchor in Petite Saint Vincent that offers clear waters. Here we will take perfect relaxing sunbathe or, why not, we can enjoy a delicious barbecue on board.


We will visit Mayreau and Saline Bay. You will go ashore for a walk on the upland and enjoy spectacular views of the archipelago from there.


In the morning we will move to Salt Wistley Bay, one of the most characteristic bays of the area, then we will sail back to Bequia: we will arrive just in time for the night life.


We will leave early Bequia to go back to St. Vincent at Young Island where we will land in the morning .